Lucky, that’s me…

I am sooooo lucky!  Four days span between me and my trip to Italy.  But that’s not all.  I have come off a week of long days and details.  Frustrating meetings and wine tastings.  There is a balance in life that when you can stand back see things clearly, it’s simply amazing. We all have a choice as to how to look at what life deals us.  If we’re lucky, we can see things objectively.

Spending time with a dear friend tonight, I can see that this week gave me opportunities to understand people that I passed on.  To hear people needing help that I chose to ignore.  To react when I should have reflected, and to learn when I chose to  be heard.  Who has a friend who will put in velvet terms what you need to hear?  I do.

Blink, and you’ll miss the point.  Think selfishly and you’ll need to wait until another opportunity to learn the same lesson comes  ’round.

Philosophical?  Yes, I am feeling that way this evening.  I came out of a SERIOUS wine education course this week securing the bounty of a dozen bottles with about 1 glass of wine left in them to savor.  After a few of those, and the charge of cooking dinner for a dozen women enjoying a ‘girls’ night out’, I am feeling quite philosophical.  And lucky!

I made a huge platter of seafood risotto, laden with lobster, sea scallops and shrimp.  The risotto was enhanced with a lovely Pinot Gris, off dry and full of character.  I seasoned the risotto simply with fresh tarragon and parsley and a very conservative dose of heavy cream.  Just enough to enrich the broth of the seafood, but not so much to make the dish heavy.  Served with oven roasted asparagus, the dish got rave reviews.

I came home to a quiet house, a crossword puzzle and time to relax before I head off to bed.  Just a few more days and I’ll be dozing over the Atlantic on my way to a Tuscan vacation that books and movies are based upon.  My Life.  How lucky am I?  Very.

More soon.  M


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