OK,  I’ve been really, really lazy about my blog this month.  I just looked back and it’s been a month since I sat down and put thoughts together.  But, I’ve been busy, really busy thinking about my readers, cooking, photographing and intending to write.  For today, just some review.

It’s almost 9:00 AM and I am eating my breakfast.  I am feeling sort of indulgent today, and am having a BLT for breakfast.  An incredibly beautiful pink tomato, tangy bread, crunchy lettuce and a slathering of mayo makes for a perfect breakfast.

Last night, I practiced making Margaritas, and revisited my Tortilla Soup recipe.  Lots and lots of tomatoes coming in from the garden and from friends kind enough to share were calling out to me ‘don’t waste me’!!  So I looked up last year’s post for this soup and begin the roasting process.  The soup was wonderful with freshly made salsa from yellow and red tomatoes, and a bowl full of guacamole.  Yum!

Tonight, I am off to Dinner with a Farmer where we’ll be making Ratatouille, Spaghetti Squash and Cantaloupe Sorbet.  If you’re not planning on joining the class, you can still see and try the recipes right here!

Go on, get out there and grab some fresh produce from the Farmers’ Market or perhaps your own back yard!



2 responses to “Review

  1. Susan Toadvine

    I’ve missed you a lot this summer. 2 Questions:
    1) What is masa harina? (it was mentined in one of your recipes).
    2) I was not able to pull up the recipe for Cantaloupe Sorbet. Can you help?
    I’ve printed out many recipes that I’ve missed and am planning on cooking up some tomato dishes!

    • Hi Susan, Miss you too! Hope the family is doing well. Masa Harina is a product that is used to thicken soups (like the tortilla soup) to make tamales and corn tortillas and lots of other Mexican and ethnic dishes. You can find it in nearly every grocery store now in the ethnic aisles. Bob’s Red Mill even has it within their collection.

      I will check on why the Cantaloupe Sorbet isn’t working.

      Hope to see you soon. Mary

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