Sneak Preview

I stumbled across an open Farmers’ Market today and saw a number of my friends that I will be visiting with on a routine basis starting Saturday.  I was innocently on my way to Whole Paycheck to pick up a bottle of bubbly for a gift basket, some cheeses and crackers, and much to my ignorant surprise the Wednesday Market was in swing!

The bubbly, cheese and crackers were for a gift basket built for my son’s orchestra instructor.  Tonight is Logan’s final high school concert, with Logan on cello and his sweetie, Kyra, the flutist.  Well, there are others in the group (about 80 to be close), but my eyes are peeled on these two.

Rushing  from the car to the store, I found plenty of reason to press YES to the Cash Back?  question while checking out.  Fresh caramel corn and home baked granola will be lovely additions to Mr. Powell’s gift basket.  A Mr. Stripey tomato plant for my garden and some farm fresh eggs to fill the void in the fridge at home.  Amazing the breadth of options at a spring farmers’ market.  Why, I was thinking someone might be able to set up a business just to make gift baskets from the markets.

Finished inside, my first stop was the Kettle Corn booth.  A huge handful for a sample and a bag for Mr. Powell.  Across from the corn stood Lee Lafferty.  Owner of Companions Creek Farm in Shelbyville.  His eggs are a rainbow of colors and he recycles the clear plastic egg crates, giving his customers .25 off your next purchase for return.  These clear plastic containers aren’t bio-degradable, but they can be sanitized, making them A-OK as far as reuse goes.  If you get lazy about bringing them back to the market, they can be recycled.  They also make great little greenhouses for seed starting.  But the real deal is the eggs that rest inside the crates.

There is something special about these beautiful, colorful eggs.  I want to paint my house in these natural, muted greens and blues and browns. I look the eggs over carefully when I open a dozen and choose my favorite color.  That egg is the last one I crack and use.  So every time I open the egg crate, I get to see my special egg.  Some eggs are speckled and mottled.  I suppose you’ll all think I am a bit cracked, going on about these eggs.  It’s the little things in life after all.

Lee had some interesting advice for hard boiled egg lovers.  To center the egg yolk, lay the egg on its side prior to and during cooking.  Sort of like a level, I guess, this allows the ‘bubble’ of the yolk to be balanced.  Great to know when you are making deviled eggs.  By the way, Lee also let me know that if your eggs are truly to be ‘deviled’, they must include some sort of Tabasco or hot sauce.  Otherwise, they are ‘dressed’ eggs; the spice giving the egg their devilish quality.  That concludes my egg talk, except to say that Lee will be offering a special price on eggs this Saturday at the Beargrass Christian Church Farmer’s Market.  When you buy 2 dozen eggs, you get a third one free!  A really great deal and an opportunity to share the wealth with friends should your egg consumption not be high enough to use 3 dozen within about 3-4 weeks.

It was great to see Beth Fowles and her wonderful selection of granolas.  Don’t let breakfast be the only reason you use granola.  Sprinkle it on a fruit pie instead of a streusel topping, add it to pancakes and muffin batters, salads and yogurt. Really great, and with all the varieties Beth makes, you could try a different one every other week and barely make it through the season before you needed to start over!  I chose the Cape Cod, full of cranberries and walnuts.

The greenhouses of Coulter’s Good Earth Farms are brimming with beautiful plants!  I grabbed up my Mr. Stripey tomato, and was in awe of their lush oregano, parsley and chive plants.  Incredible prices!  Amy’s zinnias looked just as healthy.  Had I a few more hands, I am sure I could have cleaned her out!  I am looking forward to shopping before the crowd on Saturday.  Beat me if you can.

In my own little garden, I am harvesting lettuces, spring onions, herbs and edible flowers.  My broccoli is huge, but not yet setting buds. Peas are climbing the trellis.  It is the season.  Come on out to the market, and see what the real farmers have in store for you.



One response to “Sneak Preview

  1. Susan Tittlebaum

    You paint pictures with your words . . . I could “see” it all, and I love looking at the world through your eyes! Enjoy the concert!

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