Stir Fried Rice makes great use of leftovers

On the morning segment (Fox 41) Dine and Dash yesterday, I put together a stir fried rice dish.  Colorful and healthy and full of great crunchy vegetables.  Brown rice would have been a more health conscious choice for the grain, but hey,  you use what you have on hand.  That is definately the call of the day.  What can you use up, getting rid of holiday leftovers, pantry items that were purchased long ago for something you never got around to cooking. 

Last year at the time, I was going on about how I was going to change my bad habits of food waste, over indulgence in the wine area, etc…  I must say, I’ve done much better over the last 12 months; still have room for lots of improvement. 

A lot of change in behaviors is paying attention.  Tony has already gone to our freezer downstairs and posted a list on the fridge of the things we have and need to use.  After all, you never know when the next ice storm will come through and cause massive power outages and food spoilage.   My next task is to take the leftover steamed broccoli and turn it into some yummy creamy soup.  Maybe tomorrow. 

Click  to take a look at the video link for the Stir Fried Rice Dish.  Fox is generous enough to have the recipes ready for you to print. 

I repeated the dish for a quick lunch today, adding some freshly grated orange zest for a change, yellow and green squash and a bit more jalapeno for additional heat.  The four of us polished off the large saute pan full of fried rice, nary a scrap left.  I would definately repeat the orange zest trick.



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