Holiday Open House, just 4 days away!

You’d think that with the open house just 4 days away that I would be furiously baking and making the yummy foods that I plan to serve my guests.  Right now, I am just too busy getting the rest of my house ready with moving furniture and making holiday decorations.  In the middle of my brain,  food thoughts are jumping up and down begging to be acknowledged.

Maybe tomorrow.  Perhaps I’ll begin by baking the brownies, making the ganache, or better yet, getting the cranberry date bars ready.  Oh, yeah and the pecan pie bars.  I’ll wait until Friday to put together the Blueberry Cream Cheese French Toast and the savory strata.  Up early on Saturday, I’ll make big pots of Potato, Sausage and Kale soup and Tuscan White Bean and Tomato Soup.

The line up for my annual open house is important on many levels.  Trying to bring clients into the celebration, but keeping things really simple too.  Make ahead menu items are imperative, but freshness trumps it all.   My friend Melanie and I wondered aloud today “Do we really need to sleep between now and Saturday? Nah!”

Stay tuned for recipes and continued lures for getting you (yeah, you) to stop by and partake in my yuletide extravaganza will be the order of business for the rest of the week.   

Oh, yeah, those cranberry date bars – the absolute best. 

Cranberry Date Bars

I’ll post the recipe tomorrow!  Tune in !


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