Let’s start at the end…

… cause that’s where I am right now.  At the end of a somewhat stressful, highly productive day.  I have one of my favorite glasses sitting next to me.  It’s empty at this point, but just a few sips ago held a seductive, smoky dessert wine called Mas Amiel.  Evie Clare, wine afficianado and dear friend talked my class through  a plate of 8 different cheeses and six different wines including this sexy, silky red dessert wine paired with my almost famous chocolate  brownies with ganache icing.

It’s one of my favorite glasses not only because what it holds (or held), but due to it’s shape and weight and just the way it feels in my hand.  I have a weakness for wines and wine glasses.  I collect them because they are beautiful and really do make a difference in the whole wine drinking experience.  This one would, I suppose be considered a sherry or cordial glass, perfect for a confection such as the Mas Amiel.  Served with an equally sweet and decadently deep chocolate brownie with chocolate ganache.  Oh my.  Really good.

Earlier in the evening, before the hub and the bub of a perfectly executed wine and cheese tasting  turned into just plain hubbub, we tasted a wonderful array of wines and cheeses.  Honestly, everything was great, but I have to pick a favorite for this post and for you.  You who need just one wine and one cheese to take to your sister-in-law’s house.    You want to bring a hit.  Everyone will love it and you didn’t have to work too hard.  Here’s what you do:   Pick up a bottle of San Pietro Alto Adige Pinot Grigio, 2o08 and a round of Coach Farm Triple Cream goat cheese from Gemelli and you will ring the gong.  You are the saviour of those who would rather run into Kroger for the mass produced, pastry wrapped brie which hasn’t seen the light of day or human touch since sometime last year.   So simple, so fresh, so easy.  You are the hero of the hor d’ oeuvre, the champion of the cheese course, the  hub of the bub.

Go get ’em!  Call Evie at 502-895-1400 and reserve your bottle and your cheese and make T-day history!  Don’t forget the crackers!  Oh, yeah, and while you are there, you might as well pick up a bottle of the Mas Amiel and some Cellar Door Chocolates.  After all, you want the best, don’t you? 



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