Countdown To T-day

My husband Tony suggested that I begin a daily post as a countdown to Thanksgiving.  Good idea!  Although I am in total denial of the holidays raging toward my unprepared soul, I agree that somebody needs to get started! 

Chefing for a wine tasting last night gave me lots of ideas for similar parties and am now considering a pre-Thanksgiving wine pairing.  Just getting in the mood for getting out all the glasses, setting a table and entertaining in general gets me thinking about the efficiency of having several gatherings while my house is still clean and everything that has a place is actually in that place.  So when I tell Tony that we should have several parties and not just one Thanksgiving dinner, I can tell him it was his idea that sparked this concept and that he deserves all the praise.  Let’s see…, my neighbors, favorites clients, best friends, other entrepreneurs…  This could take a while.

Tomorrow’s ‘Uncorking the Perfect Wine and Cheese Party” class will serve as a base for the countdown.  Other classes this week will help pull the concept together and give me the fodder I need for my daily posts.  See the entire schedule online at

I’ll be writing tomorrow!  Have a great day.



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