Day Two – Puree a batch of soup

Yesterday, I posted about some great Roasted Moroccan Vegetables.  Today for lunch, I pulled out the leftovers and reheated them with a bit of water.  Just enough to cover the veggies in my pan.  I culled out the slices of ginger and peeled the eggplant slices.   Brought to a quick boil, then reduced to simmer for about 30 minutes, the veggies were ready for my immersion blender.  I added a generous pinch of salt, several grinds from my pepper mill and just enough cream to smooth out the mixture  and keep my blender running without clogging.   

The soup could have withstood a generous pinch of cayenne and even curry powder, but I held off to experience it au natural. 

The results were delicious.  Creamy and very filling, the soup had just a hint of sweetness from the honey in the initial roasting.   The vegetable flavors melded into  a gently satisfying midday meal. 



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