Chocolate Glazed Cinnamon Toast

I waver between not admitting that I make this breakfast treat and wanting to shout from the rooftops how simply delicious it is.  I awoke this morning to a strong desire to eat chocolate.  Probably due to my wanting, but not giving into dessert last night.  My sweet tooth shan’t be denied for long.  I hesitated only briefly, then quickly got to the task of softening butter and finding the cinnamon sugar shaker.

Cinnamon toast and I go way back to the days as a kid when we had a gas broiler and made it on a routine basis.  I had actually forgotten that I remember those days (if that statement makes any sense).  Mom must have been out of her mind to let us 5 kids have use of the gas stove when she was out of the house.  I remember slathering the white sandwich bread (surely it was better then than now) with enough butter/Parkay margarine to show through the bottom side of the bread once it was broiled.  Then came a thick layer of cinnamon sugar and a quick sweep under the broiler. 

I can only imagine that I must have eaten piece after piece of this crunchy, sweet treat.  When ‘Golden Circles’ bread came out, I had arrived.  I doubt that anyone today would even remember the bread.  It was baked in a round, enclosed pan, giving it a perfectly round shape and golden brown crust.  Cinnamon toast has never really left me, and it jumps back into my mind as a quick, sweet option from time to time. 

Somewhere along the way, I realized that if you sprinkled on a handful of chocolate chips right after removing the toast from the broiler, waited a minute or so, the chips would melt into a gooey, dark chocolate icing.  A quick spread with a butter knife and the result is magical.

Cinnamon and chocolate are a match made in heaven.  Think about spreading chocolate ganache atop freshly baked cinnamon rolls.  Top your latte with a shake of cinnamon and cocoa.  Put a bit of cinnamon in wedding cookies and add some mini chocolate chips.  Divine.

So, next time your sweet and chocolate needs get out of bed with you, spread a bit of butter over a piece of whole grain bread, shake on the cinnamon and sugar and broil until crispy and bubbly.  Add a few chocolate chips, count to 100, and spread the melted chocolate over the bread. 

Chocolate Cinnamon Toast

Chocolate Cinnamon Toast




Don’t forget the milk.


4 responses to “Chocolate Glazed Cinnamon Toast

  1. mary –just found your blog; how great.

    golden circle—oh yes, that was a splurge in our house of five kids; we would make the cinnamon toast w/it. never added choc. but sometimes peanut butter.

  2. I LOVED Golden Circles Bread! I can’t find it anywhere, which stinks! Cinnamon toast on a Golden Circles base was kiddie bliss!

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