No Bake Crumb Mixture Tops It All!

I rarely mind cooking.  A good meal is almost always worth the effort of planning and processing.  Except when it comes to breakfast.  I don’t really crave breakfast foods and after a cup or two of coffee, I am not ready to eat until 10 or 11 am.  But we all know that breakfast is important, right?  Studies show that a good breakfast will keep you from overeating during the day and will help kick-start your metabolism to help you lose weight. 

So, I need to eat something.  It needs to be fast, healthy and delicious.  Otherwise, what’s the point.  Somedays, a simple slice of whole grain bread is enough, but when berries are in the house, I opt for a yogurt parfait.  Great with granola, but I found an easier way.  The mixture I love for my breakfast parfait is a simple, no need to cook crumb mixture of walnuts, dates, and coconut with a bit of cinnamon.  I say no need to cook, but toasting the walnuts gives this mixture even more presence and is super satisfying.

Just put 2 cups walnuts (toasting optional, but good), 2 cups coconut (I use part unsweetened and part sweetened), 2 cups sliced or chopped dates and a tsp of ground cinnamon in a food processor and pulse until uniformly chopped and well mixed.  Try almonds or pecans instead of the walnuts, if you prefer.  Keep in an air tight container or in a zip lock bag.

That’s it.  Really. 

Now, have fun.  Layer the crumb mixture with plain non-fat yogurt and fruit: bananas, berries, peaches – whatever is in season.  Gild the lilly with a dollop of whipped cream, and you have breakfast – or dessert!

My Favorite Breakfast Parfait

My Favorite Breakfast Parfait

Sprinkle on top of vanilla ice cream – omigod!

Press out into a disc and adorn with fresh fruit and wedge it up for a healthy fruit tart.

Fold a cup or more into oatmeal cookie dough.

Or just grab a handful and stuff it in your mouth. 



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